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QuinataCRM Features

QuinataCRM Features

  • Stores the customer’s name, and as many addresses, phone numbers and email addresses as you wish.
  • Allows you to set up relationships between contacts – for example to associate staff with customers or subsidiaries with a company.
  • Every customer can have one or more categories which can be used to record the type of the customer or the relationship you have with them – e.g. customer, prospective customer, retailer or supplier.
  • Automatically files all emails sent to or from a customer.
  • Provides a way to store all documents associated with the customer allowing you to maintain a single document store for everything associated with the customer.
  • Allows you to generate mail merged emails, letters and documents merging the customer’s details into standard templates.
  • Stores notes relating to a particular customer, such as phone calls, meetings or discussions.
  • Set actions relating to a customer, for example to contact them at a particular time or a one off or repeating basis (e.g. one off, daily, weekly or monthly).
  • Store details of appointments with a customer and share these via calendars.
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