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Try our small business CRM system for free

Try our small business CRM system for free

If you want to see our small business CRM system QuinataCRM in action you can download and install a free trial system on your own PC.

This allows 30 days free usage of a five user Professional system. The system is fully functional allowing you to enter customer data and see how QuinataCRM can help keep track of your dealings with your customers. You can use the data import facility to import customers from Excel or from files output from other databases.

If you decide that you want to go on using the system you can buy a licence for an Express, Standard or Professional system for the number of users you require. All the data in your trial system will be preserved*.

* If you buy an Express or Standard licence data relating to features only available in the Professional edition will be preserved but will not be accessible unless you upgrade to a Professional licence.

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