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QuinataCRM pricing

QuinataCRM is available in four versions to meet different needs.

The Express edition is a low cost, single user system limited to storing details of 100 contacts. It allows you to keep track of customers, suppliers, partners and other contacts, including storing emails and documents.

The Standard edition can store an unlimited number of contacts. It is available for single user, five users or ten users.

The Professional edition allows you to store details of sales and purchases and to record projects and tasks performed.

The Free edition is a single user system which provides the capability to store contacts and notes of your dealings with them.

You can upgrade from one edition to another whilst retaining all your data.

The prices shown are a "One Off" cost that you pay once to use the software for ever and include one year's free updates. There are no monthly or other recurring charges unless you want to continue to receive updated versions.

  Features Free Express Standard Professional
  Contacts 100 100 Unlimited Unlimited
  Actions X
  Appointments X
Documents X
  Emails X
  Invoices X X X
  Purchases X X X
  Sales X X X
  Projects X X X
  Single User Free   
  Single User £49   
  Single User £149 Additional users are £120
  5 Users £599 or five for £500.
  10 Users £999  
  Over 10 Users Contact Quinata  
  Single User £199 Additional users are £140
  5 User £749 or five for £600.
  10 User £1299  
  Over 10 Users Contact Quinata  

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